About Us

Since 1991, Bush Fire Services, Inc. has provided disaster support to nearly every hurricane site in North America and the Virgin Islands. Our disaster support services were also utilized for clean up at Oklahoma City bombing, Columbia Shuttle Recovery and at The World Trade Center (9/11) in New York City. We specialize in a quick response time, which makes us the obvious choice for mobile showers during an emergency situation. Bush Fire Services, Inc. was started by three brothers; with just two trailers to provide the eastern coast with mobile shower units for the U.S. Forest Service. Since then the company now has 426 showers heads ready to be deployed in many different states at any given moment, unlike other larger companies that say they have units in areas but actually do not.

Since the company has grown, we now offer a multitude of other services such as: any base camp support service, multiple vacuum trucks, and potable water tankers. We are completely self-sufficient with equipment that is fully self-contained. Not only can we provide support services we can also provide transportation. We have 15-passenger vans as well as 44-passenger school buses available for use.

All of our equipment comes with personnel that are able to repair, adapt, and complete any task that may come out of working as support for a hurricane. Our team has worked in the most desolate of places so that people affected may be able to create some normalcy in the midst of tragedy.

Bush Fire Services, Inc is centrally located in Southeastern Kentucky, adjacent to Interstate 75 within close proximity of Interstate 40 and Interstate 64.

Bush Fire Services, Inc has made a solid commitment to continue eco-friendly efforts with our mobile showers and the additional services we provide. Our mobile showers now contain high efficiency light bulbs which reduce generator use. Our mobile shower units also use recycled paper towels, recycled garbage bags, biodegradable soaps.

Our cleaning and disinfectant operating procedures readily meet the CDC’s guidelines for COVID-19.