Mobile Showers & Disaster Equipment

Bush Fire Services, INC

Bush Fire Services, Inc has made a solid commitment to continue eco-friendly efforts with our mobile showers and the additional services we provide. Our mobile showers now contain high efficiency light bulbs which reduce generator use. Our mobile shower units also use recycled paper towels, recycled garbage bags, biodegradable soaps and non toxic cleaners.

Our fleet of trucks are operated on bio-diesel and our drivers practice “Engine off” while deployed on location. Reduced idling time cuts on carbon dioxide emissions –and lowers the cost of energy !

Our Services

Bush Fire Services Mobile Shower

Mobile Showers

Portable Shower Trailer Rental

Potable Water Tanker

Mobile Shower Equipment Potable Water Tanker Rental

Fire Support Services

Buses / Transportation

Portable Sink

Mobile Shower Equipment Portable Sink Rental

Mobile Shower Affiliation

Biking Tour Support

Mobile Disaster Support

Trailers and Equipment


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